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Here I was playing a healthy dose of Mass Effect 2... actually scratch the healthy, I'm on my third run and I've already wasted about 50 hours of the past month honoring the greatness that is that game, yet I still feel an unspeakable urge to destroy some Collectors and do my little chats with an interactive Martin Sheen. Finally the BIOS decided it had enough of my constant abuse of the CPU, RAM and VIDEO and did the old restart trick on its own.

If anyone hasn't guessed by now, this is useless exposition on why I decided to log in to DA for the first time in a while and lo an behold at my surprise a DD for The Gentlemen's Day shot.

Again if anyone hasn't guessed that by now this is the journal where I thank you, you wonderful collective hivemind of intelligence that has suggested, approved, faved, watched or commented my work. Thank you, Gentlemen :]

Anyways it's probably gonna take a while to process all the information. Plus I'm a lazy fuck and hey those Collectors aren't gonna kill themselves amirite?
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Wait... what?... a DD? :O Wow... I mean... WOW WTF WOW! This is some pretty hard stuff we are talking about, suffice to say it's great honor to be featured. So THANK YOU!

And special thanks to :iconpullingcandy: for suggesting me and being so awesome as an artist, and for that Zombie discussion we are currently having :lol:

And special thanks to :icontanyasimonesimpson: for featuring me, thank you, like I mentioned it's a great honor for me. :D

And special thanks to :love: :hug: :iconasyayordanova: :love: :hug: for all the help and support, and all the macabre work she's done, a great inspiration for me.

And big, huge, Universe sized thanks to all of you who've viewed, faved, watched and commented on my work :). I'm gonna try and thank each and everyone individually, a good chance to check up on some other people's galleries. It might take some time though, but for now I'm just gonna go do some smoking and watch the gloriously bloody madness :O :lol:

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